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Medical Information System Zone
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Medical Data Warehouse CLISTA!
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CLISTA! can serve medical diagnoses, clinical study and management improvement by using: information generated inside a hospital, execution (achievement) information, and medical accounting statistics information as well as medical care reports, summaries and nursing information.
Proposed field category
  • MEDICAL INFORMATION SYSTEM:Hospital Management Support System
  • MEDICAL INFORMATION SYSTEM:Medical Treatment Support System
  • MEDICAL INFORMATION SYSTEM:Community Health Information System
  • MEDICAL INFORMATION SYSTEM:Hospital Operation Support System
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Address: 6th floor More building 3-141-1 Sakae-cho Tsu-shi Mie 514-0004
Department: Sales Department
Tel: 059-221-5311
Fax: 059-221-5312
Web site: http://www.meiz.co.jp

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