AnBe Heart Corporation

Zones and Corners
Medical Information System Zone
The main production and product line
An Electronic Chart in the near Future, "HeartBase”  was born.
Exhibits and attractions
Freedom as writing down on the paper chart, functional and beautiful "Chart screen". An epoch making innovation of input methods, never interrupting thinking, conversation nor physical examination; Phrase Input, a pull down input according to 5W1H method, Clear Grid, a translucent grid matrix pulldown input, and Quick Image, of excellent body part illustrations, designed by the professional. It's really cool and smart, so gorgeous. So from today, why not HeartBase?
Proposed field category
  • MEDICAL INFORMATION SYSTEM:Medical Treatment Support System
Contact information

Address: 621-12 ohi fujimino-shi Saitama prefecture 356-0053
Web site: http://HeartBase.jp

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