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It is karte data migration barriers currently swapping new electronic medical records from your electronic medical record is stating the contents of medical treatment. Resolved so much trouble the e-port Viewer offers a comfortable medical environment.

As karte data saved in the karte data export in PDF format from the electronic medical record system available in the e-port Viewer, manage, browse. Saved karte data are centrally managed in patient numbers, after the introduction of the new electronic medical record to see at the same time new records and records of past collaboration capabilities.
Proposed field category
  • MEDICAL INFORMATION SYSTEM´╝ÜMedical Treatment Support System
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Address: nishikasai tosei bldg #6 6-9-12 nishikasai edogawa-ku Tokyo 134-0088
Department: Sales department
Tel: 03-5659-8535
Fax: 03-5659-8519
Web site: http://www.e-portv.com/

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