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- ONIS 3.0 Series
- DICOM Gateway equipment(Coming soon)
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[ONIS 3.0 Series]

ONIS 3.0 Series provides PACS environment with advanced network functions.
Existing PACS will be integrated into one PACS within "ONIS", while you use the existing PACS.
ONIS can connect teleradiology reporting system as for inspection of medical images. And it can also provides benefits of using medical image in home care, such as home-based medical records, visiting nursing records and visiting nursing care record, etc..
At our booth, you can ensure that the functions of ONIS 3.0 Series have the possibility of realising home care environment from a perspective of regional medical cooperation in medical images.

[DICOM Gateway equipment(Coming soon)]

With the development of digital imaging technology, the resolutions of various medical images have been being enhanced.
For example, the resolution of endoscopic devices is currently Full HD, and this situation will be replaced by 4K soon, and 8K in the near future.
DigitalCore presents an aggressive vision of using digital movie data in medical fields.
We succeeded to reduce movie file size overwhelmingly by MPEG4 which conforming to the DICOM standard, rather than using multi-frame images which are used for visualising movie images.
At our booth, you can confirm our practical medical movie solution.
Proposed field category
  • MEDICAL INFORMATION SYSTEM:Medical Treatment Support System
  • MEDICAL INFORMATION SYSTEM:Medical Image related System
  • NURSING CARE & REHABILITATION SUPPORT:In-house Medical Treatment & Nursing Care
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