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We, KONOIKE group develop "Hospital Logistics" by taking advantage of logistics know-how cultivated over 139 years with the aim of improving patient safety and hospital management efficiency.
We provide various medical-related services to medical institutions, manufactures, wholesalers, etc.

<Main Services>
1. Management of Operations at Distribution Centers
2. Transport for specialized medical goods
3-a. In-Hospital logistics service
3-b. Sterilization and Cleaning
4. Manufacturing, cleaning and maintenance service for specially controlled medical devices
5. Medical Database business in India

[New]Not only limited to the medical industry
●Introduction of Tokyo New Base (Konoike Rail Gate)

<Open Stage Seminar>
Thursday, 18 July 12:20-12:50
Introducing ISO13485 quality activities provided by Konoike Medical
*This presentation is only in Japanese
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